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For industries which require a super clean environment, the CHEMI-MAC fan filter unit offers the most effective solution to Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC). CHEMI-MAC removes AMC with its internationally acclaimed chemical filter. Quiet and energy efficient, it is ready to install in any configuration necessary for your manufacturing operation ( horizontally, vertically, or upside-down ), and can be used for intake or exhaust.

A CHEMI-MAC unit with a PTFE ULPA filter and chemical filter effectively produces a minienvironment virtually free of AMC. CHEMI-MAC effectively removes Boron and Phosphorus, Alkaline gasses NH3 and NH2, Acidic gasses, Organic Matter, Silicones, and Plasticizers. CHEMI-MAC would be especially useful for removal of chemicals in the following critical areas: gate oxidation, salicidation, contact resistance, and DUV lithography

The chemical filters selected for use in the CHEMI-MAC are available in three media types.
Anion Exchange Filter

Eliminates acid gasses such as HCl, HF, SO2, NO3, PO4, acidic organic compounds, and Boron Compounds.
Ion exchange filter media.

Cation Filter

Eliminates alkaline gasses such as NH3, RNH2, RNH, alkaline organic compounds, and Boron compounds.
Ion exchange filter media.

Activated Carbon Fiber Filter

Eliminates organic compounds such as chain compounds, cyclic compounds, oxidizing gasses, organophosphorus compounds, and organosilicon compounds.
Filter media made from phenol resin fibers


Dimensions 650W x 650D x 330H
Efficiency Up to 99.9999% at 0.1 um Particles
Filtering Elements Chemical Filter ~ 610mm * 610mm * 100mm
  Chemical Filter Options ~ Anion, Cation, ACF
  Boron-free Filter ~ 610mm * 610mm * 66mm
Air Volume 8 CMM (280 CFM)
Air Velocity 0.4 m/s (80 FPM)
Structure Main Body ~ Steel with coating or stainless steel
Electrical Power AC 100V, single phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Weight 35 Kg. (77 Lbs.)
Sound Pressure Level 55 dBA
Installation Accessories L-angle for securing * 2
  Gasket for mounting
Note Unit does not include pre-filter. Use in class 100 or cleaner only.