Clean Hand Dryer

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AIRTECH’s Clean Hand Dryer uses HEPA filtered air to ensure fast thorough drying without contact with foreign media. During the drying cycle the hands are bathed in UV light to kill germs. The AHD-3 also eliminates waste disposal and/or laundering fees associated with towel drying.
The AHD-3 helps to eliminate contamination problems by reducing the number of airborne particles and germs that can deposit on sensitive materials in cleanrooms and bio-cleanrooms.

The AHD-3 utilizes a photo sensor to allow for hands free operation and can be mounted on a wall or bench top. The stainless steel / cold rolled steel construction coupled with its compact design makes the AHD-3 ideal for even the most critical cleanroom applications.

Cleanliness Class 100
Dimensions 380 W x630 H x275 D
Air Velocity 100m/sec
UV Lamp 6W  X 1PC
Power 1φ, 100V ,50 / 60 Hz
Drying Time 10 sec.
Weight 30kg