Clean Veiwer Model ACV-500

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AIRTECH introduces our new Clean Viewer, DI Water fog generator, to help you regulate your cleanroom airflow patterns.

The Clean Viewer is a cleanroom safe unit utilizing a motor, HEPA filter, and DI water. Ultrasonic sound waves produce an easily seen vapor or mist 10 microns in diameter. With your ACV-500 you can visualize air flow patterns, turbulence, measure low air velocities, detect leaks, and balance air handling systems without contaminating your cleanroom.

The flexible tube and attachments make it easy to view airflow in restricted areas. The ACV-500 is constructed of stainless steel. Options include ULPA filter and the attachments shown below.

Dimensions 170Wx325Dx252H
Filter HEPA filter up to 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 micron particulate
Air Volume 0 ~ 10L / min
Structure Main Body: Stainless Steel
Water tank capacity 0.7 L
Mist Generation 0.4 L / Hr.
Power Consumption Approx. 100 W
Power AC 100V, 1 phase, 50 / 60 Hz
Weight 9 kg.
Overheat Protection Float Switch (will turn power off is water level is too low)