Positive Pressure Damper

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In cleanrooms and bio-cleanrooms, positive pressure is necessary to prevent intrusion of contaminated air. On the other hand, if the internal pressure is too high it causes problems opening or closing the doors.

The AIRTECH Positive Pressure Damper allows accurate control of the internal pressure in the cleanroom to a constant positive pressure. The pressure can easily be adjusted between 0.5mmAq (4.9Pa)~2.5mmAq (24.5Pa) by adjusting the position of the weight on the damper panel.

These units may be mounted on a wall of any thickness by varying the length of the fitting bolt. The dampers come standard with a protective cover, made of steel with powder coating, that is mounted on the outside of the cleanroom. The damper panel is a honeycomb with aluminum coating and uses stainless steel bearings to minimize particle production.