Pulse Jet Air Shower

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AIRTECH has revolutionized the air shower with its exclusive Pulse Jet, patent pending No. 081907,638. Tests on the Pulse Jet showed it increased the removal efficiency of particles between 0.3 and 5 micron by an average of 10% over constant velocity air showers.

A pulsating air stream shakes the garments of workers entering the cleanroom to remove surface lint and dust. The contaminated air is then returned through a low wall prefilter to the HEPA filters for delivery to the Pulse Jets in the side-walls and ceiling. This process provides a contaminant barrier between the gowning area and cleanroom and prevents accidental contamination due to pressure loss.

The pulsated air is created by passing air through the nozzle, which strikes the propeller causing it to rotate around a shaft with a stainless steel bearing. The nozzle, casing, and propeller are made of chrome plated ABS resign.

The Pulse Jet Air Shower from AIRTECH features: steel construction, dual wall plenum with a 0.4kw blower motor and HEPA filter in each wall, Programmable Logic Control of jetting and purging cycles, extruded aluminum doors, tempered glass, compact body , stainless steel floor, 22 nozzles.

Options available: electrical or mechanical interlocks, emergency stop switch with audible alarm, automatic sliding doors, grated floor with return, stainless steel construction, ionizer, 99.9995% ULPA filter @ 0.12 micron, yellow lighting and windows, UV lamp, intercom system, audible use instructions, and custom sizes and configurations.