Soft Wall Clean Room

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A soft wall clean booth is one of the most cost-effective investments available for today’s manufacturer needing a clean zone. The portable clean booth allows you to quickly establish a clean zone in any facility.

Soft wall clean booths come with all the features you need to create your own clean space in the configuration that fits the available space. Complete with steel tube frame, anti-static vinyl, lights, fans, HEPA or ULPA filters, and an easy to hook up electrical system, a soft wall clean booth from AIRTECH is a reliable, compact investment in your air quality control.

The AIRTECH clean booth is available in a wide variety of standard sizes and cleanliness levels. The SS-MAC units or our fan filter unit may be used depending upon your air volume requirements. Options include: ionizers, service outlets, hard walls, black or clear anti-static vinyl, horizontal or vertical laminar flow, air indicator and almost any custom size or application you request.